Legacy Fund

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What is the Legacy Fund?

The University of Illinois Legacy Fund is an endowment-like tool that provides ongoing financial support to U of I InterVarsity. Thank you to all the alumni who helped us reach our initial goal of one hundred thousand dollars by Jan 1, 2018! That enables us to give a couple matching grants to underfunded staff for their summer fundraising.

Why is it needed?

Over 170 InterVarsity staff workers have been recruited from the U of I, more than any other US campus, as well as uncounted pastors, missionaries, lay leaders, and non-profit volunteers. Since 2006, InterVarsity has hired over 34 staff from UIUC alumni.

Even so, each year good candidates cannot be considered because they do not have enough contacts to fund their ministry. Others start with InterVarsity, but their fundraising stalls before it provide long-term support. As the chapters grow in size and diversity, this problem is becoming more common.

What are the funds used for?

The primary use of the Legacy Fund income is for grants that match new ongoing giving. While one-time grants are sometimes necessary to help staff stay in the game, our aim is to motivate both potential donors and staff as they work to establish new funding networks. This will give us two strategic opportunities:

  • Retaining excellent but under-funded veteran staff

    About half of our veteran staff never reach full funding. Once they reach the end of their existing home network, their progress can stall, as building new networks takes time.

  • Hiring gifted, limited-network staff

    Staff candidates from non-Christian backgrounds, rural communities, or ethnic minority communities unfamiliar with InterVarsity often need a longer time frame to build networks and raise ministry support. As the campus becomes increasingly diverse and secular, we need to hire and retain staff from these backgrounds to reach the unreached corners and communities of our mission field.

How to Contribute

Gifts to the Fund are tax-deductible and can be made as:

— A one-time gift

— A monthly or annual recurring gift

— An estate gift from a will, trust or retirement plan

— An asset-transfer gift (property, life insurance, business ownership, etc.)



By check:

paid to:

“InterVarsity Christian Fellowship”

mailed to:

IVCF/USA, PO Box 7895, Madison, WI 53707-7895.

Include a note:

“For University of Illinois Legacy Fund.”

Estate Gifts:

email Gary Kopan at gkopan@intervarsity.org

Current Total


We have reached our first milestone!
Our initial goal was $100,000 by January 1, 2018!

Each year we have good staff candidates who cannot be considered because they do not have enough contacts to fund their ministry.

Dreaming Big

The University of Illinois Legacy Fund is administered by the InterVarsity Finance Office as a “fund functioning as an endowment”. The Investment Task Force of InterVarsity’s Board of Trustees is responsible for investment decisions. Allocations from the fund are decided at the ministry level.