Who We Are


U of I Vision

Making Jesus known by growing loving, biblical communities throughout the University of Illinois

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InterVarsity shepherds ministry for undergraduates, fraternity & sorority students, international students, and graduate students at the University of Illinois. We also serve a chapter at Parkland College and prayer group for Parkland faculty. In 2018 we began outreach to Eastern Illinois University as well. You can learn about all the chapters here.

Ministry Values

Student Leadership

Staff train, coach and support students leading their peers in ministry, worship, planning, and the rest. This is a huge source of growth during a student’s time here at U of I.

Bible Study

Fun, interactive, student-led discovery discussion. We work hard to lead engaging Bible studies that get to the heart of the passage, and get the passage to our hearts. Once you try it, you’ll never go back. And you can keep pressing in with ongoing training in inductive Bible study at pretty much any InterVarsity conference.

Evangelism Philosophy

We love to introduce non-Christians to Jesus, especially by introducing them to the gospels. We’ve found that non-Christians feel respected and empowered, as they discover Jesus for themselves, and intrigued as they see that Jesus isn’t who they thought he was. As they spend time with the Christian community and learn more, they can move at their pace, asking questions, getting answers, and doing the necessary soul-searching.


InterVarsity is probably the most racially diverse organization on campus, religious or secular. We come from many different backgrounds, and we can learn more about God from each other than we could separately. We get to experience the joy of worshiping in diverse community, and learn how the gospel informs our understanding of race and justice.