Highlight Reel

Every week the staff team shares ministry celebrations with each other. We want to share those with you as well! Here are some glimpses of what’s been happening during New Student Outreach:

above & below: Quad Day 2016

below: Returning students studying Jonah at Back to School Blitz

below: About 75 students played sports, games and socialized at Fun in the Sun on Labor Day


Mini celebration from NSO! So today at Allen Hall, Nick, Marshall, and I had a late start and ended up only getting 2 contact cards the first hour… but then suddenly a bunch of people started coming out of Allen. Turns out a power outage happened and everyone had to come outside and therefore stop by our table ;). We ended up getting about 15 or more cards because of the power outage! Praise the Lord for His divine intervention!


A post on Facebook by a student leader to other leaders:

So today I had lunch with an international transfer student from China. As we got to talking, I learned that she’d prayed occasionally throughout her life and that she believed that there was a God, but she just didn’t know who it was. After talking talking for a while I asked if she’d like to study the bible with me this semester and she said YES!

This is not only super exciting for me, but I hope this makes all of you leaders feel like you can do this too! As we continue NSO (New Student Outreach) and pouring into new students, keep in mind that you too have the ability to make an ask and lead a GIG (evangelistic bible study) no matter what your background is! Let’s go U of I and transform the campus!


Lydia, the Area Coordinator for Busey-Evans (residence hall) attended their first small group of the year where 15 girls were in attendance! An international student, Lucy, came and asked lots of great questions during the study. Afterward, the Evangelism Area Coordinator asked Lucy into a GIG and she said yes!


Over the summer at IVLI (InterVarsity Leadership Institute), Oceanz, a black student in the chapter, felt called to lead a small group for black students on campus. Without much time to prepare for his first small group, Oceanz knocked on all of the doors of black students on his floor in ISR (Illinois Street Residence Hall), made some phone calls to friends he had met in classes over the years and attended Ebony Umoji, ISR’s black student union group to network with more people. Three new students came to his first small group!


Matthew, a small group leader in the apartments area, found out that one of the new students he’s been connected to marked on her Large Group card that she wanted to become a Christian! Surprised and excited, Matthew texted a staff worker to ask what he should do. After being encouraged to talk with this new student about how to become a Christian himself, Matthew found a Bible to give to her. This new student is so hungry to know more about Jesus, she started reading the Bible during an NSO event!